Coors Light

Plastic Free Future Mart

Coors Light is making the move to plastic free and wants to inspire us all to envision a plastic-free world with their Plastic-Free Future Mart, an immersive pop up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We have always gravitated towards projects, both professional and personal, that create value in this world so we were really thrilled to be involved with this initiative. We partnered with Droga5 and En/ter Works to design and paint a mural and a few signs, design some faux packaging, and spray paint the outside with faux graffiti for an authentic bodega vibe all with 'plastic free' messaging.

The use of design, art, and murals in particular, is a unique vehicle and skill that we are able to share in order to spread awareness and concern and ultimately drive action. Actions we take, both big and small, can help leave the planet in better shape than where we are currently headed.

Thank you to the amazing teams of Droga5 and Enter Works for inviting me to create for this! So thrilled to have my artwork along side the epic work from noteworthy sign painters Nobel Signs and Peter Paid (@peterpaidnyc). Thank you to our buddy No Entry Design for the painting assist.

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